Me climbing the highest mountain in Germany - Zugspitze (2.962 m)

4 Bullets on What I’m Doing Now

  • I create digital products: I write and build the Introvert’s Guide to Living a Good Life. My goal is to help 100.000 introverts stop overthinking by using frameworks and concepts that helped me navigate through life & business.
  • I will do my first trail run in 2023: After i have torn my Achilles tendon in late 2022, I now recover and will run a 25k mountain race in Switzerland.
  • I help software businesses scale to 10+ Million ARR: With Saasfaction, I offer a consulting service for SaaS companies in Germany.
  • I work as a PM in tech startup: Transitioned from marketing to product, I’m now part of the growth team.

5 Bullets on my last 10 years

  • I got married & bought a home: Four years ago, I married my beautiful wife, and we’ve been happy ever since.
  • Worked as VP of Marketing at a tech startup: In 8+ years, I built three teams from the ground up to 45+ people, helped grow revenue by 270x, burned out, took a three months break, and decided to transition over into product management.
  • Learned that I can help others by being vulnerable: After burnout and depression, I slowly started to talk to friends about it. Turned out, 5/10 experienced similar situations in the past but never said a word. If I find the courage to open up, I can help others.
  • I realized that I wanted more freedom: When I was talking to a woman in her Fifties complaining about her colleagues and boss, I realized that I wanted to be able to stop working for someone else if I did not enjoy it anymore.
  • I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro: Together with my dad, I climbed the highest mountain in Africa (5895m). I learned that “slow and steady” (pole pole) can be a far better idea than rushing.